Gina Georgousis graduated from Concordia’s Design program with Distinction in 2001. As a student she entered an international rug design contest held at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in 1997 and was chosen as a top ten finalist in a field of 2000 entrants. She has designed and illustrated the covers of several books and cd’s including the novel “The Tragedy Queen” by Linda Leith, ( founding organizer of Blue Metropolis - International Literary Festival) and the novel “Lover’s – A Midrash” by Giller Prize nominee Edeet Ravel. After her illustration work she went on to paint backgrounds for IMAX as part of a SANDDE TM Animation Demo (Stereo Animation Drawing Device).

As an animator and background artist at the National Film Board of Canada, she collaborated with director Belinda Oldford on developing a technique of rendering for the animated short “Come Again in Spring” in the style of Andrew Wyeth. While at the NFB, she also worked on the Oscar nominated animated short “My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts” by Torill Kove, and drew backgrounds for the animated short “When the Dust Settles” by Louise Johnson, which won numerous festival prizes. After the NFB, Gina went on to do animated paintings with a number of highly acclaimed directors on a series of animated ad campaigns for Coca-Cola and United Airlines. She was chosen by Pascal Blais Productions as part of an elite team of artists to work with Oscar winning director and animator Alexander Petrov, rendering an animated Coca-Cola commercial in the style of Norman Rockwell and Haddon Sundblom. Recently, she worked on the Emmy nominated TV spot “Interview” for United Airlines with Oscar nominated directors Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby. Most recently, she has just completed another animated ad for United Airlines with with Forbis and Tilby called “Meeting”.

Over the past four years Gina did design work for a number of TV productions including “Drew Cary’s Greenscreen Show” with Oscar nominated director Janet Perlman and was Production Designer on the animated short “Les Boites” by Louise Johnson which was part of a compilation for the award winning CD “Un tresor dans mon jardin” – songs by Gilles Vigneault. Gina also did the colour design on the soon to be released animated feature Manga Latina by H2V Entertainment.







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